Developing a new economic vision for Letchworth




Letchworth was founded in 1904 as the world’s first Garden City. It was designed with the aim of providing healthy surroundings, affordable homes and local jobs. Today, Letchworth retains some of these attributes. However, others have been challenged, particularly given technological changes and a level of connectivity (including digital) which would have been unimaginable a century ago.

In December 2018, Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation published its new strategic plan, “Making Letchworth a great place for everyone”. Over the next three years, one of its aims is to “ensure Letchworth continues to be a great place to work and do business”.

Against this backdrop, Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership and Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation are together examining the changing economic character of the town (including the town centre and major employment areas). The aim is to better understand the businesses/sectors that are thriving and those for which Letchworth is actually a challenging place. The overall intention is to position Letchworth for a vibrant economic future, to secure appropriate new investment and to ensure that current and future generations of local businesses can thrive.

To this end, we are inviting businesses from across Letchworth to complete this short questionnaire, allowing them to provide their views and perspectives on the Garden City as “a place for business” – both currently, and in relation to changing economic circumstances.

This survey is being run by SQW, an independent research organisation, on behalf of Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership and Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation. SQW will store the data securely.

Any information that businesses provide will be treated in confidence. The raw data will not be shared with anyone outside the research team. Data will be presented only in aggregate and/or (for qualitative responses) in a manner that is wholly anonymous. In due course, we may want to list survey respondents, simply to acknowledge their contribution. *