Cycling Survey for pupils

This survey is about how you travel to school and about cycling.  It asks easy questions that should take about 5 to 10 minutes to answer.

Please answer every question carefully and honestly, even if you do not ride a bicycle. You can stop doing the survey at any time, but answering all questions will be most helpful.

The questions ask you to think about the last seven days and the time since the start of this school year:
  • 'The last seven days' means all the days since this day last week, including the weekend.
  • ‘Since the start of this school year' means since the first day of this school year, which would have been around the beginning of September 2018.
Please think about what you were doing at each time, and try to answer the questions accurately.

Thank you for taking part!
Please use the ‘Previous page’ and ‘Next page’ navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen to move through the survey.