South Dublin Innovation Centre Feasibility Study


SQW (working alongside our sister company Oxford Innovation) has been commissioned by South Dublin County Council to undertake a feasibility study and demand assessment for a new innovation centre facility in the local area. The detail of the proposed concept is still being developed, but at this early stage, it is assumed that the facility would focus on providing a flexible, high quality incubation environment, with a specific focus on technology rich: 1) start-ups; and/or 2) SMEs seeking suitable grow-on space.

Through this study process, we want to explore whether such a facility/or network of facilities would be of interest to businesses already located in the area or, theoretically, if it would have been of interest had it existed when these businesses were first established. Additionally, we would like to gauge what ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ features any new development should offer in order to best meet the needs of the local business base.

We recognise that you are busy and greatly appreciate your willingness to support this important study. Development of a new innovation centre would represent a significant investment for the County Council and partners, and it is imperative that any new facility is widely supported by the local business community and informed by robust evidence. This e-survey will take around 5-10 minutes to complete and all responses will be treated as confidential.